Kerry Hill
Branding and Labels
Kerry Hill Winery is a boutique farm and winery in Wilder, Idaho. The focus at Kerry Hill Winery is producing beautiful, nuanced wines, but their land is used for more than just growing grapes. The landscape was designed to attract and nurture pollinators, owls, bats, and raptors — providing them with plants, flowers, and shelter. Respectful farming practices like these not only lead to better wine, but to a healthier ecosystem.
Key Services
  • Creative Direction
  • Art Direction
  • Design
  • Illustration
  • Production
Flora and Fauna

We chose to bring these ideals to life in our identity and packaging design by illustrating plants and animals native to the Snake River Valley, where the grapes are grown. Inspired by vintage botanical and zoological illustrations, we designed labels that refer to the flora and fauna that populate the region, paired with branding that evokes timelessness.

Kerry Hill Sheep

Kerry Hill was named for the distinctive breed of Irish sheep so lovingly raised on the property.

The Collection

We started work on Kerry Hill in 2019 and have designed and illustrated over 20 labels to date.

Label Illustration

Every Kerry Hill label has been lovingly and expertly illustrated by Makelike designer Evelyn Kritler.

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