Hey! Nice to see you. Thanks for stopping by. We’re a team of designers who create brands with clients who are imaginative. Let’s make something together.
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Our Story

Makelike is a multidisciplinary creative studio founded in 2000.1 We’re a team of designers,2 writers, and thinkers driven by curiosity, design excellence, and problem solving. Immersing ourselves in a project, we turn over many possible solutions until the best answer emerges. We think holistically and reshape brands, environments, and products. We are endlessly interested in learning, stretching, and expanding our craft.3

Our design mission is to help bring ideas to life through purpose-driven, beautiful, and perfectly executed work. We build brands from the ground up and help established brands grow in new directions. We work with visionaries of all varieties, from global brands to startups, agencies, museums, publishers, entertainment, restaurants, and retailers. Working personally and collaboratively with clients small and large, we create hard-working, robust design solutions that help you clarify and communicate your ideas.

Our Approach

our approach

Our approach begins with listening. Our first objective is to learn everything we can about our client, so we can think and create on your behalf. We do this by asking questions and doing the research4 — we dig deep to define the purpose of each project and stay close to the objective from concept to completion. The clarity that comes from this process guides everything we do. In this way, your brand will be built with consistency and understanding.

We work with you as an experienced creative partner, combining our design expertise with your purpose to help you solve problems creatively and with fresh eyes. We’re small and nimble, able to adapt to specific needs for any project. Building strong, talented teams is a core strength.

How something looks is just one piece of the puzzle. We fuse creative thinking with design and writing to develop narratives, create worlds, and communicate ideas. Great creative work isn’t mystical or ineffable — it’s the result of open-minded iteration, decades of practice, strategic thinking, and flawless execution.

We like to think about projects holistically, approach opportunity with curiosity, and make work that is smart & beautiful.
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  • 1
    Makelike was co-founded by artists and designers Mary Kysar and Topher Sinkinson. In 2022, Topher departed to pursue independent art, design, and build projects, and he can be reached here for inquiries.
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    We are WBENC certified.
  • 3
    Back in 2008, we created our first custom wallpaper for one of our favorite clients. Today, we have a line of luxury wallpapers, which we design, illustrate, and customize for clients with specific needs or visions. You can learn all about Makelike Wallpaper here.
  • 4
    Research has made us armchair experts in subjects as diverse as Kerry Hill Sheep, 3D motion capture technology for athlete performance, and the colonial history of Brazil.

What makes great work?

We believe that great work happens with creative collaboration. Great work is as exciting to the client as it is to us. It answers the client’s ask and exceeds their expectations. We approach every project with a beginner’s mind and a listener’s ear. We ideate and design to solve our client’s needs — not for trends or for our portfolio. Great work does not need a name tag. We know we’ve tapped into great work when a client project ends, and we’re mutually excited about the next one.

We’d love to hear about your next project.