We believe in the beauty of handmade objects. Our wallpapers transform spaces across architectural styles and help create rooms that people love to live in.
Bright Design Lab

Our Wallpaper Story

We first fell in love with the world of handmade wall coverings while on a project with Nike in 2008. Tasked to help design the Nike Tokyo lounge, one of our concepts was to create a mural with illustrations of historic Nike footwear for the fitting rooms. We presented two options to our client: the first was watercolor illustrations on a craft surface, and the second was line art on a mylar surface. Our client chose the mylar illustrations, so we set about researching the best way to produce our design. During our investigation, we discovered that we could have the illustrations screen printed on rolls of mylar paper. This project catalyzed a desire to create a few designs of our own and to learn more about processes in screen printing wall coverings. The next thing we knew…

Our first group of papers was based on cacti and succulents, the then-unsung heroes of the plant world. Our second collection was dedicated to forests, especially the wilderness that surrounds our home of Portland, Oregon. After our first two themed collections, our wallpapers became an expression of what is inspiring us at the moment. We are travelers, readers, hikers, and nature lovers, and our wallpapers reflect what captures our eyes and minds.

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About Our Wallpapers

Bright Design Lab
We have established partnerships with shops and boutiques around the globe that offer a variety of our products.


  • Annie Downing Interiors – Austin, TX
  • Bradley USA – Chicago, IL & Atlanta, GA
  • Covered Wallpaper – Marietta, GA
  • Manolo Walls – Portland, OR
  • SMG Collective – Portland, OR
  • Solid & Pattern – Chicago, IL
  • Spruce Nola – New Orleans, LA
  • The Pattern Collective – Metairie, LA
  • Urban Source – Chicago, IL
  • Walltawk – Denver, CO
  • Walnut Wallpaper – Los Angeles, CA
You can see our work in person at any of these locations or purchase directly from our website. If you would like to carry our products in your shop, or if you are an interior designer or architect who would like to discuss commercial orders or custom projects, please contact us at +1 503 233 4843 or email us here.