Prime Video FYC
Countdown to 2023
The Awards team at Prime Video asked us to concept and create a holiday gift for critics, industry voters, and press to highlight 31 top movies and shows. The winning concept was an Advent Calendar where, each day, the recipient opened a numbered box with a message and gift conceptually linked to one of the show titles.
Key Services
  • Concepting
  • Art Direction
  • Copywriting
  • Design
  • Production
Design Elements

Gift recipients looked forward to opening a gift each day that connected to titles from Prime Video. Each package came with a card and message about the gift. The exterior packaging and boxes were designed with holiday-inspired icons, luxe finishes, beautiful typography, and bright colors to give the package an elevated and cheerful holiday vibe.

The 31 boxes puzzle-pieced together, creating an impressive opening experience. The box sizes were carefully considered by taking into account the gift size and placement.

The boxes were 100% recyclable, and the entire kit was carbon-neutral (by way of CarbonFund).

The Gifts

Our parameters for choosing the gifts were multiple: the gifts had to be small and light, they had to fit into the overarching budget, and most importantly, they had to be thematically relevant for the titles they represented. The overall collection was meant to be diverse — a mix of practical, useful, and entertaining items.

Holiday Icons

We created a modular system of icons to use on the exterior gift boxes. The icons were a balance of weights and colors that mix-and-match to create a fun holiday feel.

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