Prime FYC
The Boys Magazine
Our objective was to create a keepsake, in-world piece showcasing the complexity of The Boys to help garner awards consideration. Staying true to the show, we landed on a satirical version of Variety magazine. The magazine features faux films by Vought Cinematic Universe, with pompous critic quotes, bogus festival laurels, product advertisements, and interviews. URLs in the magazine take the reader to a faux website, Once there, the site rests for a few seconds, glitches to reveal The Boys logo, and then, sends the viewer to Vought Weekly was delivered with Variety and sent to guild members. Each received a “subscription” card with instructions to watch. The magazine was 100% recyclable and printed using recycled materials. Clio Entertainment award winner.
Key Services
  • Creative Direction
  • Art Direction
  • Design
  • Production
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