Prime FYC
Homecoming Mailer
Our task was to showcase the mystery of one of Prime’s new shows, Homecoming, with a mailer sent out to voters. To accomplish this, we created a kit welcoming viewers to the world of Homecoming.
The book showcased unit photography and was designed with off-kilter levels of information. Photography treatments included using multiple images of the same scene with slightly different perspectives and strange crops to keep the content suspicious and uncertain. Interior pages were treated in multiple ways. Half pages were bound in with excerpts from the scripts, and when turned, the meaning morphed. Black tip-in sheets with varying die-cut shapes were bound into the book and revealed additional information when turned. A folded poster was bound in and revealed the entire image and text when opened.
Key Services
  • Concepting
  • Art Direction
  • Design
  • Production
The Contents

The exterior of the book was sealed, forcing the viewer to tear it open to discover the interior. Inside the book was a vacuum-sealed DVD in a mylar aluminum pouch, referencing the secrecy and mystery of the “facility.” Nothing is what it seems — each ostensible “clue” led the viewer further down the rabbit hole. The book and DVD were mailed in black Tyvek paper sealed with security tape.

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